Life lasts exactly as long as a school recreation


Beautiful words.

Moments that bloom with apple trees, spring.

They are a balm for the soul.

You live simple.

You surround yourself with the light around you.

You run from cold just as you should run from loneliness.

Have you ever seen plants that manage to grow and bloom in poor conditions?

The human being, on the other hand, can flourish and adapt in the most difficult times.

The plants manage to bloom with a little soil, a few drops of water and some light.

The human being, on the other hand, can flourish only with what he has inside him.

And that can enrich his life.

His life which is short, just like a recreation during school.

A recreation in which you know that it lasts a short time, you can channel your thoughts so that you can do the most important things in it.

To be able to realize the greatest desires.

And that passes quickly and you still have a lot to do.

And the time passes quickly, far to quick for you. 

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