Lack of time


We have the feeling that we don’t have enough time.

We are running.

And, we are stepping away from each other.

We are the old child who wants to hurry everything.

And, we speed up time in our minds.

We become young and then mature and complain about the lack of time.

If we could live in our soul then every perception would have deep meanings. And every gesture, word or thought, would generate intense feelings.

A man with a living soul has time even when he goes to the most important business of his life to feel the people he passes by, to stop for a while to listen to someone, to think about his girlfriend, to look at a bird who just sat on the windowsill, contemplating the sky, answering the phone …

When you are in the «ego» in your mind you enter the whirlwind of thoughts and for you only what is «important» matters.

Everything seems to be going at a fast pace.

Your mind is always busy with plans and memories.

You have a chronic feeling of lack of time.

You are agitated, stressed, you become selfish.

You are focused only on the really important things.

And you don’t have time to live.

When you need «some» time, all you have to do is go deeper into your soul.

Your day will also have 24 hours, but the more you are anchored in your soul, you will notice that not the big things arouse intense feelings but the small gestures inspire you.

When close to old age you want to gain time.

To slow down the steps.

And you sit on the edge of your soul, looking at how full or empty it is, depending on the feelings you have experienced as a soul, not as an ego.

And maybe only then do you realize that the world moves without you and that things go on without you.

And all you have left is the richness of the feelings of your life.

When you complain about the lack of time, it is a sign that you have to return home, in your soul.


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