It’s my autumn

You are my autumn.

You are my muse, bohemian lady.

Sometimes sunny.


And you got the color palette.

And you came distinguished…

Floating gently through the air…like the thoughts…which are deposited one by one here.

And you painted the earth.

One day you painted the leaves and then the forest.

The following days the villages and towns.

Then you painted the emotions…autumn emotions.

The dance of the leaves began to the light tone of a song almost worn out by the passage of years.

And they fell lightly until they touched the ground.

From now on everything will be different.

Mornings shy of the sun that starts to flicker almost asleep.

Rain that falls, counting the drops drop by drop.

There is a beautiful sadness in you.

An explosion of life.

A diversity.

And it’s like the same pattern that urges you to the colors of a new life.

A simple and inexplicable miracle.

A special silence.

The fragile silence in us.

A warm and cold silence.

Curiosity and admiration together.

It is a transposition of another world.

It’s the retreat…



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