In the time that has elapsed


With the passing of time we bring to the first plan the interior of us.

We look to the soul and learn to protect it.

We learn not to hit in silence the words that hurt us.

We slip through thoughts and let them move chaotically through nothingness, dissipating.

We are in no hurry.

We want to walk the world in small steps.

We have time to understand the world as it is, not as we want it to be.

In our world everything has started to be smaller so that the space in it has become smaller and smaller.

 Joys turned into smooth but deep flowing waters.

Through the infinity of our thoughts we can hide the joys of life.

We diminished the hearing to the point of weakness, so weak that we could hear our silence.

We listened to her heartbeat.

And when we dance we open our souls so that it can fly in all directions.

And, to be able to enjoy.

We listen to our souls in silence.

And, we enjoy the moment without being interested in what will follow after the end of the song.


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