In Search of Identity


In the depths I lose myself, in verses without rhyme and rhythm,
Searching for me, in the maze of my crazy heart.
In a universe of chaos and unanswered questions,
I’m looking for my identity, the soul lost in a dream.

I walk through the shadows, drowning in memories and regrets,
Searching for meaning in a maze of jumbled thoughts.
I look in the mirror of time, but my face has faded,
So I step into the unknown, on my insignificant path.

I collect my scattered fragments, like an unfinished puzzle,
But the pieces no longer fit, now it’s a faded mosaic.
I search in memories, in hopes that have been dashed
But I myself have forgotten who I am and how I got lost in the labyrinth.

I wish I could go back in time, find that lost me
But the past is only a shadow, a dream that has dissipated like smoke.
So I string together a few words in tactless verse,
Trying to find my essence, in an undefined universe.

I want me back, in pieces gathered and reassembled,
To find my way through dreams that will be dreamed again.
In search of an authentic self, in a song that is written cleanly,
I venture into the labyrinth of my heart, to an uncontoured finish.

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