If men come from Mars, where do women come from?

The world is like a puzzle, and the pieces in it are us.

Mix the puzzle well.

From the puzzle formed to choose a picture. What would it be?

In an infinite sea of pieces with which of them you would match?

And the combinations begin, a job that takes a long time … and a lot of patience.

Because the pieces around you are similar to you, but unsuitable for you.

If you are «lucky» with the piece you matched in your puzzle then the adventure begins.

The beginning is beautiful in everything … no matter what you start doing.

What matters next is what matters to you.

If something else follows and it does not become an end before the beginning.

Because not everything depends on you.

And what about communication after that?

And then the puzzle mixes differently. What would his picture look like now?

Sometimes we have our heads in the clouds.

Sometimes we think coldly. We analyze in the other every word said, every gesture, every look.

We seek in the other the perfection imagined by us.

If it weren’t so, everything would be simpler.

Because we like to complicate things.

And we forget that imperfections are what make beauty.

Because in the puzzle it’s the same as in the lottery.

Love is a ticket: you are lucky or not.

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