I miss every day…..

…..emotion, shining eyes, the wrinkles that were amplified by our smiles.

I miss laughing like a child, not just dreaming.

I miss the dreams that will come later.

Friendships, truths, encouragements that came at the right time and hugs for no reason.

I miss hearing the emotion felt from the warmth of a voice and the message from the end of the line.

And I still sometimes miss the joy and inspiration that brought me more often in front of the white paper where it was waiting for me to lay down…..the thoughts….

Every day I miss not only being able to wish.

I miss knowing and not just hoping.

I miss building, not just dreaming.

I miss talking, not just thinking.

I miss the peace that arose from the existential uproar.

I miss to believe. Sometimes to hear. I miss listening.

I miss giving, not just receiving.

I miss myself every day.

I miss what I didn’t get to be, lost…

I miss hearing the impressions that made me a better person as I knew myself to be.

Every day I miss…that’s why the person from the past and that’s why I’m going to be.


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