I imagine a world where everything is possible


Maybe today I want to look at the full side of the glass.

Maybe today I want to change something in the movement of the clock hands.

Or maybe I stopped dreaming.

Or maybe there is hope.

Or I think there is a better world, a world in pink.

Or maybe I want to rediscover and explore a new world, an imaginary world, an ideal world for my thoughts.

To find the answer to my thoughts to always give a battle.

A battle between positive and negative thoughts.

A part of me – the negative part – always tells me that I should give up, that I can’t do much anymore, that I am overwhelmed by the situation, that the glass is more empty than full.

The other part of me – the positive side – tells me to trust, it gives me the strength to fight for my goals that I want to achieve.

And what would be the part that would win the battle from my soul?

The winner will be that part of my soul that I manage to nurture and take care of the best.

The part that I am with and that I love the most.

The positive part that always wins the fight that gives in my soul.

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