I chose who I wanted to be


After each attempt to cling to those who held my hand and then let me go I chose to learn to walk alone.

After each wait for someone to lend me a hand to help me, I chose to learn to get up on my own only when no one was there.

After each temptation of some who tried to push me, I chose to maintain my balance.

After every bad experience that someone made me suffer from, I chose to be a strong, dignified and happy human being.

After every injustice done to me, I chose to be a forgiving and good human being.

After each failure I chose to be a human being confident in my strength who does not give up and continues to fight.

After every ugly word I chose to be a human being with respect and love.

After each attempt of someone to take over my soul I chose to live in my soul leaving behind me peace and beautiful memories.

After every suffering that life has tried me with, I chose the right path even when I lost everything.

After each defeat I chose to be a human being to rise and move forward with dignity.

After every ugly story I lived, I chose to be a human being who will continue to write the most beautiful stories.

After every decision I made not to look back, I chose to understand that I was moving forward, not backward.

And at the end of each day I chose to always be what I wanted: a white wine of that noble quality.

… And every time the choice belonged to me.


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