I am me

And because there is no one in this world like me, I can say it’s me.

People like me, but no one looks like me at all.

I am exactly how I look and speak, everything I say and do, everything I think and feel at a given moment.

All this cumulation represents me.

I belong entirely.

… and I can build myself.

I can hear, see, feel, think, talk and do things.

I use my way of being to make a connection with others, to be productive, to penetrate and understand the sea of people and to understand many things that are happening around me.

My fantasies, dreams, hopes and fears belong to me.

All my triumphs and successes belong to me, all my failures and mistakes.

So I have everything to do with me.

Therefore, I am everything I think about, so I can make choices.

I possess what belongs to me: my body, my mind, my eyes, my feelings, my voice and all my actions.

… and,  I am the imperfect accumulation that brings with it balance in a continuous imbalance.

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