How each of us relates to the feast of Valentine’s Day


The days are approaching one by one the day of February 14th.

I am approaching with them the day when each of us wants to be different from the other days.

Because on Valentine’s Day we all want to see the day shrouded in red.

Strongly emotional color.

What worries me this year compared to another time is the fact that I want to dedicate this day to introspection.

Get in touch with myself and get inside me.

To find here my thoughts, emotions, beliefs, behaviors and experiences lived so far.

Let me ask myself some questions like, «How do I relate to love?» Or «How do I know I’m in love or in love?»

The feeling of love is so ingrained in my soul that I rarely think about it.

Today’s society has become largely individualistic.

We give ourselves more time.

We hear motivational slogans everywhere like: «Live your present!», «If you don’t take care of yourself, then who?», «Think of yourself, too!»

All these are only results gathered over the years.

Sooner or later the meaning of these words must be understood.

Because for each of us the situation is completely different.

Introspection on love is the step we must take for ourselves.

He helps us to realize at some point where our position is so that we can then draw the right conclusions for ourselves.


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