Face features are an open book about personality

The painting outlined by me I imaginarily placed on a white canvas. Because at the beginning I wanted everything to be white and clean, as well as the face you start to know. A new face.

Then I outlined the traits I wanted to find in you.

And so I came to today’s portrait, a portrait that I always try to adjust according to my mood.

Some time has passed over your face, time that I have counted in your experiences and in the people you meet.

Every wrinkle on your face tells me a story about you. Each feature brings me back to the lines I outlined some time ago.

Then, when I started to outline your eyes, I could penetrate the mirror of your soul. Let me see from there how close you get to the path that brings you to me.

Then I contoured my eyebrows. I thought about the decisions and risks but also about the details that you are going to consider.

Because then to leave room for the forehead, to have space for creation and free thinking without strict rules.

Then I drew the nose that I thought was non-aggressive.

I shaped my mouth a little later, to keep the silence and discretion of the sound itself.

And I looked at you later. Just like you looked at the white canvas waiting for your portrait some time ago.

And I wanted to impress you with the behavior I thought of. So I can understand you.

Just like I understand your face features now.

Then I will always look at you. Let the features of the face, the position of the body remain immortalized on the canvas … just like at the moment.

Like the marks left on the sand, where someone once passed.


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