The doors I have opened in my life are doors that have always led me in one direction.

Life has always invited me to challenges and to test my strengths to always start a new exploration.

Sometimes I was afraid to open some doors because of the thought of what would happen beyond them.

The doors opened by me test my vulnerabilities, my confidence provoking me to try again.

I will never know how many more doors I will open and what awaits me beyond them.

I just have to have the courage to open them even if I know that the road behind them will not get me anywhere.

There were enough doors that, opening them, prepared smooth roads for me, other times unforeseen roads.

Sometimes the doors led me to other roads with many ups and downs, with many obstacles, putting me to many trials.

I opened some doors optionally because the decision was my choice. Others on the contrary without my will.

With their special beauty and opulence on the outside, some doors urged me to open them, promising me brilliance. But under the beautiful wave behind them, I found only regrets and disappointments.

Behind some old doors that apparently did not promise anything at first, there were often the most beautiful roads to which only special memories connect me.

I wanted to open doors that behind them I thought I would find love, but they always remained closed to me.

I found doors that were only open for a short time, but as I was walking towards them, they closed suddenly, catching my pride, hopes, dreams, joys, thus hitting me deep in the soul. And I wondered about the others who managed to open them as they were beyond them.

I was happy to open doors with my loved ones, crossing the threshold with them.

Another time I was forced to make the decision to cross their threshold alone because distrust of others forces me to do so.

There were also those doors that I wanted to reopen after some time in the past I chose to close behind me, but they always remained closed for me.

I was put in front of some doors where I thought I had reached the end of the road, that I had no way back, but at one point I was surprised to discover another door that gave me a new chance.

A new chance that I had to be curious to open.

With the thought that maybe behind her is a smooth, unexpectedly beautiful road.



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