Choose the right perfume for summer

The seasons are important factors in our lives.

They influence our well-being.

Fresh out of the cold and long winter nights and gloomy days without too much light, we want to escape the cold.

The long-awaited season has begun.

In our imagination we associate summer with vacation, relaxation, joy, exploration and high temperatures.

And we immediately think of thin clothes.

And we focus on light, airy smells, giving up heavy perfumes with an oriental touch.

It’s time for holiday-inspired perfumes

Smell is one of the strongest senses and brings back to our brain emotions and memories.

The feeling we experience when we feel a certain smell remains strongly imprinted in our minds.

Perfume houses have adapted to this marketing relying on the idea of vacation.

You can try one of the perfumes below inspired by your olfactory experiences: Chanel Paris – Deauville, Louis Vouitton – California Dream or Escale a Portofino by Christian Dior.

It’s time for citrus scents

Citrus notes are favorites of high temperatures.

With a fresh and airy note, they can vary in lemon, clementine or grapefruit.

You can find citrus notes in perfumes such as Infusion Mandarine by Prada, Atelier Cologne Clementine California or Lankaran Forest by Maria Candida Gentile.

It’s time for perfumes with green notes

The green notes in the perfumery remind us of the freshness of the plants and the vitality that is transmitted to us.

Some of these perfumes have an aromatherapeutic effect.

What instinctively comes to mind would be the aroma of freshly crushed mint or maybe we would associate the smell of a meadow with freshly mown grass. Or what about the smell of a freshly cut cucumber?

Some names of perfumes in this regard would be: Un Jardin sur le Toit by Hermes, L` Occitane en Provence Herbae or Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca.

It’s time for the light version of the classic perfume

Some of us are used to a certain note of perfume that we wear for a long time, especially in the cold season.

Designer perfume houses have adapted in time to variants with lighter concentrations.

Usually you can find the same name of your favorite perfume only to change the name terms such as: Eau de cologne, Eau Légère, Eau Fraîche, Eau d`Ete or aqua.

Some brands from designer perfume houses such as Chanel, Armani, Tom Ford, Jean Paul Gaultier, Lancôme are adapting and launching a new variant of light summer perfume every year.



Wear the perfume that you think represents you and with which you feel good.

The perfume should be used depending on where you wear it, the temperature of the day, the time of day, the dosage, how intense its smell is and the notes of which it is composed.


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