Because I need time


I need time. I learned not to waste things anymore. I learned to value others more.

I want more time so that I can evolve. To know how to appreciate what I have. To be able to be happy, proving to me that I still know how to live beautifully.

I need my time. To be more attentive to the suffering of those around me. To stop me from time to time comforting with a kind word a soul that needs me.

I’m looking to need time. For me. For my plans. For my family. For dreams. For joy. For friends. For communication. For visits … And especially to get out of my comfort zone.

I still need time to learn not to be superficial. To be closer to people. To live the story of my life. I learned to enjoy today and now, the present time. To open my soul to beauty, warmth, and dialogue.

I need this time … to live without unnecessary procrastination and giving up.


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