And because…


… He knew the road that led him to me.

And because he walked with me.

… And because first he listened to me and then he spoke to me.

I called him simply – Friend.


Because he gave me a small part of his time.

Without asking for anything else in return.

…And because he understood me.

I wanted to listen to him too.


Because together we formed our world.

… And because we found ourselves and discovered ourselves in it.

Forgetting dramas and evils.

In a form, we had built.


Because he wasn’t with me just when we laughed together.

He also wiped away my tears.

And he caressed me.

Without me asking him that.


And even though I was a small soul and he was a big soul.

He never felt superior to me.

… And because he didn’t envy me for who I was.

Because we enjoyed our successes.

And because he didn’t abandon me hard.

And because he loved me when I was the lowest. Especially then.


Because it gave me beautiful memories.

… And because I was above personal pride.

And I felt safe in his soul. And appreciated.


He loved me unconditionally.

He really loved me.

The rest … they were just acquaintances.


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