And because we happen to fail


No matter how good we are.

No matter how hard we try to understand others.

No matter how much we want to show.

Or no matter how hard we try to prove it.

Or maybe to be there …

We never manage to be good enough.

No matter how much we love someone, we happen not to be the person we should be or who we expect others to be at some point in our lives.

Our intention to be an honorable person has come to be packaged in a disastrous result. And we are judged by the result of the approach, not by our intention.

We were discouraged.

We had feelings of guilt and our inability to prove our intentions.

We took steps back, retreating.

The mistake was that we had to turn to those we disappointed and tell them how sorry we were.

Let’s hug them wholeheartedly and tell them we want to be good enough for them.

That we want to meet their expectations.

We just got lost in our moments of discouragement and weakness in our own mistakes.

And we failed.

But we tried.

And we were honest with ourselves and acknowledged our defeats.

And we have forgiven ourselves for our weaknesses and impotences.

And we understood that we are not perfect, we just always try to improve.

And that we want to start over … but this time with more wisdom.


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    I totally agree with your insights. The article has given me a lot of fresh ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    1. // Antworten

      I am glad to hear that you agree with the opinions and ideas presented in the article and that you found the content useful and inspiring. Thanks for the positive feedback and for appreciating sharing the information.

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