A friend makes you feel safe in his soul


We are looking for the warmth we lack.

We know people.

They give us the courage to do things that we ourselves would never believe we could accomplish.

And support us in difficult times.

They lift us up when we are at our lowest.

We are looking for that warm and deep relationship that gives us confidence.

We seek support when we lack power and energy.

Because there is a connection, that connection that no one understands.

It’s about the depth of the bonds that we don’t encounter in any relationship.

That relationship that balances you.

It gives you wings.

It lifts you up.

And here I am talking about friendship.

True friendship resists distance, silence, differences of opinion, and even resentment.

Because in friendship there is always an ear that can hear you and support that you can lean on.

Friendship is the door that is always open for you so that you can enter and not feel disturbed.

Sometimes for a friend, it’s just important to be close to him.

To feel close.

To be able to spend a pleasant time.

There should be no difference in values.

To accept you as you are.

And vice versa.

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