Dezember 2020

Year waiting Christmas

  Memories with perfumes. Memories with flavors. Memories with colors. Memories with emotions. Intense and unique emotions that you know you can no longer experience anywhere and ever. You oscillate in feelings, doing jumps and acrobatics for fear of bringing them back to life. You try to balance states, thoughts, emotions, feelings so that later […]

emoticon look like

  The reality of today. It is the virtual world from which we all want to choose an emoticon. In order to keep a good mood today, we would choose, for example, the emoticon that smiles at us. Maybe it would be good, because we are currently in a good mood to give a moment […]

When will we know we will be happier?

  You are unique in your own way. With your way of looking. To listen. To think and weigh things. Because you laugh. And other times you cry for no reason. That you have your own way of enjoying yourself. And as time goes on, you appreciate what you have and the things around you. […]