November 2020

we happen fail

  No matter how good we are. No matter how hard we try to understand others. No matter how much we want to show. Or no matter how hard we try to prove it. Or maybe to be there … We never manage to be good enough. No matter how much we love someone, we […]


  The doors I have opened in my life are doors that have always led me in one direction. Life has always invited me to challenges and to test my strengths to always start a new exploration. Sometimes I was afraid to open some doors because of the thought of what would happen beyond them. […]

poor souls

  Some time has passed, the time that you have wasted on trivial things. No connections. No contacts. And you wanted to watch it. But through the light of your eyes, you could not see anything. The eyes did not touch the universe in all its splendor but were directed towards the earth. Then you […]