Juli 2020


  I look at my wrinkled face. A face that once smiled is now reflected in him. My smile that hid the laughter, which once delighted my soul. And here was all my happiness. The marks left by my wrinkles are my own roads. The few, which were my hardest roads. A few paths lead […]

Friend safe soul

  We are looking for the warmth we lack. We know people. They give us the courage to do things that we ourselves would never believe we could accomplish. And support us in difficult times. They lift us up when we are at our lowest. We are looking for that warm and deep relationship that […]

love stories

  I have lived many love stories. Because love itself gives us all kinds of stories. But yet none resembles another. Because love takes the form of the personality of each of us. We learn something about ourselves from each love story: we find ourselves or we immerse ourselves in each of them … We […]